Meppelink Landscaping for more biodiversity in the garden

Meppelink Landscaping makes gardens with a lot of plants. The plants are selectet to be attractive for insects like butterflies, bees and bumblebees. We prefere to plant native plants. The trees bear fruits for us and for the birds. We love the biodiversity. We make ponds, drystone walls and pergola's.

Climate-proof garden: Over the last years we see the climate change. Summers get hotter, winters warmer and when it rains the showers provide more rain. We can't change the climate. But we can prepare the carden for the changing climate. 
We do this by cutting of the drainpipe from the roof. We make a wadi. We lead the water to the wadi. Here the water wil soak in to the ground in a few days.
By planting a lot of plants we can cool down the garden. By planting trees nearby the house you can also cool down hour home. 

Groundcover: For ground cover we use leafs from the trees, we use wood chips and also plants to cover the ground. Covering the ground protects the ground for drying out. Worms an a lot of other creatures love to live under the ground cover. Burds wil get attracted by the worms. And be honest: groundcover looks way better than bare ground.

Contact us: We love to talk with you about the garden.

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